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Tree Hugger Central - A Men in Trees Fansite

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NOTE: ABC Message board has shut down the message board, but THC will stay up, and a new google group has been formed, too... so if you feel lost, come join us on and come alive again.
This site is for photos, sayings, links, etc. - but it is a NON interactive board, except for the GUESTBOOK - so if you're here, please sign the guestbook to let me know.
Enjoy the site and thank you for being a fan of Men in Trees!


On this site I'll include lots of info about Men in Trees, which includes cast bios, contests, news, synopsis of past episodes, lots of photos, and much, much more.  You'll want to check back often for updates.


Disclaimer: This fansite has no connection with the show or the network. It is just providing information, photos, etc., for which we hope fans will find useful.


If you've watched Men in Trees, you'll recognize this picture right away!