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Let's Celebrate Birthdays Here

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This is the page where you can post a birthday greeting to someone....... and if u have a picture of that special someone, you can send the link or photo to me and I'll upload it here, too. 


I went hunting for birthdays of our cast members and this is what I found (not in alphabetical order, but in order of their birthdays):
Derek Richardson (Patrick)  
 Jan. 18, 1976
Ty Olsson (PlowGuy)
 Jan. 28, 1974
Scott Elrod (Cash)
  Feb. 10, 1975
Currie Graham (Dick)         
 Feb. 26, 1967
Emily Bergl (Annie)            
 Apr. 25, 1975
Suleka Mathew (Sara)       
 May 11,  ??
Anne Heche (Marin)          
 May 25, 1969
Nicholas Lea (Pastor Eric)   
 June 22, 1962
Cynthia Stevenson (Chief Celia)
 Aug 2, 1962          
James Tupper (Jack)          
 Aug 4, 1965
Lauren Tom  (Mai)             
 Aug 4, 1961
Jason O'Mara (Stuart)       
 Aug 6, 1972
Seana Kofoed (Jane)
 Aug. 13, 1970
Sarah Strange (Theresa)   
 Sept 6, 1974
Abraham Benrubi (Ben)      
 Oct 4, 1969
John Amos (Buzz)             
 Dec 27, 1939
I couldn't have found all this info if not for the help of some of you, so thank you.  If I missed someone, please let me know.  :)

Happy Birthday, Currie Graham (Dick)!!! from BigMamasBaby  2/26

Dick w/Chief Celia

Let me be the first to wish Scott Elrod, aka Cash, a very Happy Birthday on February 10th. Wish I could be your birthday present! :) - Sydney1106


As Web Mommy, I just wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all the LEAP YEAR babies!!!!!

Written by Charms59, Feb. 4, 2008

Dearest Scott
You don’t know me
but I’ve been watching you
in Men in Trees
The friendships that you slowly make
with Marin and others
even Jack….for goodness sake
And as your fan
I want to say
I hope you have
a splendid day
One in which
you are forever blessed
With friends and family
Who stood the test

Whose support you have relied upon

To keep you grounded
To have some fun

I wish I could be there with you

To celebrate, maybe drink a brew
In whatever life throws your way

I hope you have a perfect day
Happy Birthday,