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A Page for Marin

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On this page, you'll find photos of Marin (Anne Heche), as well as info about her, too.  Enjoy!



Recently Anne Heche (Marin) was on Jimmy Kimmel Live (3/5/08). This article is from that taping.

Mitkid2 posted.....
Some interesting events of the taping of the show, which was on 3/5/08 are posted at  There are some good photos posted there as well.
But here is a little tidbit.  Jimmy actually did ask Anne Heche questions from the ABC message board.  They were edited out and did not air. 
Here is a synopsis.
During the taping, Jimmy told Anne Heche that fans at the ABC message board were posting questions to be asked of her.  Jimmy then asked Anne three questions that his staff had selected.  He gave the names who had posted the questions - - Niecyd86, Sydney1106 and Appoloosa_56
The question from Niecyd84 asked Anne was about the Plant a Tree Campaign.  Jimmy asked what she thought of what the MIT fans were doing with the Tree Campaign. Her answer was that she thought it is wonderful thing that the fans of the show would donate food trees and dedicate them in the name of ABC and Men in Trees.
The question from Sydney1106 was “Can you tell us what is the pattern for the sweater that you were knitting for Jack?" Her response was that she was basically making it up and wasn't following any particular knitting pattern.  She only learned two stitches and kept repeating them.  She was laughing quite a bit while she was answering the question.
The question from Appoloosa_56 was something like “Do you miss dating girls…?”  Appoloosa_56 is a not a regular at the ABC MIT forum but someone from JKL message board.  Anne Heche didn’t give a direct answer but responded in a roundabout manner. 

Heche to cover 'Spread'  By Gregg Goldstein
March 3, 2008
Anne Heche is set to star opposite Ashton Kutcher in the indie romantic comedy "Spread," replacing Jennifer Jason Leigh.
To read the entire article, click on the above link. Enjoy!