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Links to sites, as well as audios & videos, et. al.

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Below are some links to websites that the Treehuggers are doing to try to save Men in Trees (taken from a post on the ABC Message boards).  Tell them about the Plant a Tree project about about the ABC MIT message boards. Check out the links on this page and on the rest of this fansite. Have fun!

Here's another something you can do for Men in Trees - From an article on Kristin -eonline page:

Girl Power?

Men in Trees (ABC)  (see photo at right)
October Road (ABC)

The good news for these two shows is that they fit perfectly into the character-driven, female-focused drama orientation of the ABC schedule, something the net has emphasized in the wake of Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy and Ugly Betty.

The bad news is that the ratings and the critical reception are both more middle-of-the-Road (ba-dum-bump) than the network honchos might prefer...

Bottom line: If you love life on the Ridge or in Elmo, Alaska, as much as I do, you might want to tell a friend or two to start watching (Road airs Mondays on ABC and Men in Trees finally returns to ABC for Wednesday at 10 p.m.). (9 p.m. central)

They need you! (Click on the link above and leave a comment!!)

At E! Online today, Korbi had this to say about Men In Trees:

Men in Trees:  Fully enjoying this hour. Now that Friday Night Lights is likely safe, maybe we should work on saving this one.  Yes!  Go to the link below and send her an email or post a comment.  Let get her on the bandwagon and let her know what this group of fans has been up to!

Sunday 24 Feb. 9.30pm on TV2
16 Feb

Men In Trees was one of TV2’s biggest hits last year, and this year should be no different; with relationship coach Marin Frist (Anne Heche) having entirely settled in to the male-dominated town of Elmo, amongst all the eclectic characters viewers came to know in the first season.

New York native Marin has really settled in to become an integral part of all the emotion, drama and comedy of small town life. As the new season begins, with Jack (James Tupper) away on a research ship for nine months, she begins to question the status of their relationship - especially when she finds a mysterious woman's phone number among his things.

Something that was posted on the ABC MIT message boards today (2/21) comes from web site.

Cancellation Watch: Is Your Show in Trouble?

As the television season begins to wind down, the networks are busy ordering pilots and getting the fall schedule ready for the annual May Upfront presentations. It's also this time of the year when the networks must make some tough decisions about the future of any series that aren't performing well in the ratings.

Is your favorite show safe? Has the time come to begin campaigning? We've compiled a list of the shows that have been canceled and the series that are either on the bubble or in extreme danger of cancellation.

So go to this site:

You'll see in the POLL box - which show should be saved from cancellation and of course, you should select MEN IN TREES.


There's a petition for Men in Trees - just go to this web site and sign in (your name, e-mail address, and you can leave a comment, if you wish).
then go to the ABC MIT board and on the thread that is about the PETITION, sign in, and let them know what number you are.
Thank you from all of us!!!! Let's do what we can to Save our Men in Trees, which includes signing this *free* petition.

Visit one or more of these links.....

Contact the webmasters of all the MIT related web sites and blogs

that you can find (Google them!).

Write or call the entertainment editors at your local newspapers! 
Call or write your local radio stations
                                    so they can get the word out!

And they DO pay attention to the boards, so let's keep posting and


Write or Call your local ABC affiliate stations and complain!! Find out who to contact at:

They must love Jack in this sweater!!!

For the excerpts on The Men of Men in Trees, you can find the complete article at The article is from April 2007. I did change the spelling of some words and only put in a few lines from each character from the article, but I did want to give credit to the person who submitted the article to that website.

Go to other web sites and make some noise about the show there. It's free and people out here in the Industry check them to see what shows fans are chatting and blogging about.

People Magazine c/o Time Inc.
Rockefeller Center
New York, NY 10020

The Hollywood Reporter
5055 Wilshire Blvd, 6th Floor
LA, CA 90036

TV Guide
1211 Avenue of the Americas, 4th floor
New York, NY 10036

TV Guide Online: 212-626-2551  

5700 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 120
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Entertainment Weekly
1675 Broadway
New York, NY 10019

Here there is an interesting interview to Mario Cantone :))
Here is a recent interview with Nick Lea where he talks about how he met Suleka. Also,towards the end he talks about the music part. 
An interview about Tim Webber (aka Jerome)
Anne Heche  By Ramin Setoodeh | NEWSWEEK
Mar 3, 2008 Issue

```````````````````````````` Heche to cover 'Spread' - By Gregg Goldstein - 
March 3, 2008  

Cover Story - Finding Her True North & Rugged Romance
By Kathy Blumenstock, Washington Post Staff Writer
Sunday, March 9, 2008; Page Y05 
Maureen Ryan has written a column on why Men In Trees should  come back for another season:
Tupper to play actor Cotten in Welles biopic, 03/11/08
"Men in Trees" is back and fans are working hard to keep it on the air
Posted by AJ LaValle, Syracuse , 03/03/08

 AUDIO & VIDEO'S you might want to check out:
This is from Komo Radio ... for you Cash fans, a little clip from the channel 4 news on March 13, 2008:
These are from MySpace:

Description:  When Marin can't get her construction crew to do what she wants on her run-down cabin, she meets a sexy loner named Cash (Scott Elrod), a local handyman. When Marin lets the sexy and free-spirited Cash temporarily move into her cabin in exchange for repairing it, she must get used to his lifestyle.
Description: Scott Elrod interviews w/ET


These are from :;more 

from Charity Case (coming up 2/27):;more;1



Here's the link to another article that Jenny is interviewed in. I wish it had more about MIT though!,,20176757,00.html


A valentine story from the Internet:
The TV character you'd date in real life
Feb 14, 2008, 11:30 AM | by Mandi Bierly


ABC's hottest kisses and Jack and Marin are one of them.

Men in Trees Falls for Sofia Vergara


From MSN:
Cash brushing his teeth - check this out for yourself
From E-online:
Korbi's Quickie: Thurs., 2/28: Men in Trees Aims to Please; Plus, Runway, Big Brother & Top Model Talk

These are from YouTube:
Marin and Cash
Marin & Jack
this has to be one of the best, saddest yet hopeful Jack and Marin videos I've seen.

Scott Elrod (Cash) - "Men In Trees" - 
plus more videos, too.
Anne Heche on Craig Ferguson, April 8, 2008
This is the scene where Jack walks up to the window and sees Marin & Cash kissing. It is from his perspective though from the outside of the window...still a smoking HOT scene!
Looking for a fiddler!!!!!
recent interview Anne Heche did on the Craig Ferguson program. I think she handled the topic of past relationships rather well.