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For more info, contact:
CatInTrees -  ---
SallyOSally -

Participate in our food tree planting ACTION. Megamucho kudos to CatInTrees for this brilliant idea! The tree campaign is to encourage ABC to renew Men In Trees for a 3rd season contract and encourage them to promote the show. It will involve a press release. Let's rock!


To whom it may concern: is a registered 501c3 humane non-profit organization.
For more info, contact:
CatInTrees -   SallyOSally -
Pay $1 a tree (10 tree minimum). For those who can afford to - buy 30 trees or more!
Our TREE action will also show the world and ABC how many and how loyal MIT fans can be if they promote the show. It will show everybody involved in the production of MIT how much we appreciate them.
Now, this is the really really good part:
Follow me here: 10 trees can produce up to 2,500 lbs. of food a year for hungry souls. We're aiming for 5,000 food trees (planted in honor of Men in Trees). That many trees can produce up to 1.25 million lbs. of food each year, and 50 (get this!) million pounds of food over a 40-year life-span of the trees. Imagine fans of MIT supporting that much food in the world!
When we reach our goal, we will distribute a press release with the goal of bringing exposure to "the little show with a lot of heart."
People, people!
Let's DEMONSTRATE that heart!

DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS (It's easy. A cakewalk!)
NOTE: These instructions have changed as of Wed. Feb. 21st. Here are the new instructions.
Here are detailed instructions:
2. Choose the number of trees you want to give. Then click Add to Cart.
3. On the next shopping cart page, click Checkout.
4. In the first column, fill out your name and the billing address for your credit card. You will not be sent a certificate through the mail, so just use your credit card billing address.
5. Click Same as Billing Address
6. Fill out your credit card information and click Make Payment button.
7. Click Create an Email Card (certificate).  This is a certificate and is printable, but it ALSO has the added feature of being sent through email.
Here’s how to create the Email Card-Certificate:
(a) Occasion:   Choose In Honor from the drop-down list.
(b) Name of the person recognized: Men in Trees & ABC
(c) From: Put your name or any nickname you would like to have appear on certificate. Please do not choose “anonymous.” You can make up any name you want. 
(d) Give: Choose Life Giving Trees
(e) Personal message: Enter your positive comments of encouragement. Please only positive.
(f) Recipient name: Stephen McPherson, ABC Primetime
(g) Recipient email:  Enter -- No worries, in the next step you can ensure you receive the certificate too.  Click Finish.
8. LAST STEP: On this last screen, be sure to FILL OUT your name (or use a nickname) and enter YOUR email. You will receive a certificate too.
* * * *
Email us (addresses above) with any questions or comments or ... well, anything.

An update on the Plant a Tree Campaign
mitkid2 posted this on Feb 2, 2008
Thanks to our friends in Squamish, BC, the "Squamish Chief" published an article which mentions our Plant a Tree Campaign.  Thanks Sally for getting the ball rolling.

So this is a great start but we still have a ways to go!  
Anyone who wants to donate food trees for a good humanitarian cause, and to send a positive message to ABC to save our favorite show  "Men in Trees" then go to the Plant Food Trees link below for instructions.
So let's keep it going!  Every little bit helps.

Hip! Hip! Hooray!

This is a special honor I'm giving to Mitfollower for having bought 150 trees on 02/05 in honor of Jack.....
her posting is: 
"okey, i pledge 50 trees for Jack!  i was touched when i read  the synopsis of Trees for Life. i'm really touched by those people who doesn't have anything to give but gave so much. i've been wanting to volunteer for a medical mission and i think i would like to go to haiti. for me, this is not about men in trees anymore. this is much more. this is giving life and hope.i pledge another 100 trees for Jack's safe return. Yup, sign me up for 150 trees."
And as a special prize for her, I am putting up this picture of Jack on this page.
Anyone else want to top that 150 trees for a special someone????



This pic of Jerome is especially for SallyOSally for her recent donation of 100 trees.

From Catintrees on Jan. 26, 2008     

This was in reference to the Plant a Tree project and the number of pledges coming in - :)

She says: Talk about hot: 710 trees in 4 days = 177,500 lbs. of food, and counting!
this is the result
that comes from the board
that is a family
that loves the cast
that act the parts
that the writers write
that the crew make happen
that tell the stories
that reflect the spirit
that is alive in the town
that nature has blessed
that will be smiled on anew by the network
that brings us the show that Jenny built.

Brava, Cat... nice job!!!!