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Tree Hugger Central - A Men in Trees Fansite


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This is where you'll find the WINNERS & the runners-up to the contests (mostly TRIVIAs) that are on the previous page.  Their names will be displayed on the page for FOUR days....  And to top it off there will be a special cursor to celebrate the win! This is for everyone.

WINNERS are here!!!

For our FOURTH Trivia, we had TWO participants (sigh): The WINNER is Lori aka Bigmamasbaby) and Runner-up is Tracy aka Shussy. I guess it was harder this time than all the ones before.

For our THIRD Trivia, we had four participants, so we have ONE winner, who is Melissa and 3 runners-up, namely Lori aka BigMamasBaby, Nancy aka Sunspotbaby35, and Liz aka CatInTrees. Thanks to those of you who played.  CONGRATS to ALL!

This being the SECOND trivia, 4 were brave enough to enter this past week (2/4 thru 2/6). One person got 9 outta 20 correct, while the other 3 got 5-6 outta 20.  BIG KUDO's to all who dared to enter this long trivia (20 questions) with the highest honors going to MELISSA & to the runners-up Sunspotbaby35, CatinTrees, and Tracy a HIP-HIP-HURRAY!!!!

The second two contests started January 28, 2008 - the winners are:  

1 - Tracy won the FIRST Trivia contest. Answers are on the previous page.  Because there were only three people playing this word game, and because two (smile) did not 100% follow directions, I've taken the liberty of making all THREE winners!!!!

2 - Winners of the word game are: Linda, Elle in Trees, and Liz aka Catintrees.


First contest(s) started 1/25/08:

(1) To the FIRST person who gets to the site, finds the GUEST BOOK, and signs it. Winner was Tracy aka TLynnnj
(2) To be the FIRST to send me an e-mail -telling me on which page you see the pic of the postcard that Jack sent Marin.... you will have had to go to the site in order to know that!!!!! Winner was Shan aka Specialedcaregiver.

For our FOURTH Trivia, we had THREE participants (sigh): The WINNER is Lori aka Bigmamasbaby) and Runners-up are Karren and Liz (aka CatInTrees).
The special thing for this contest was that on the photo page, your was on one of the photos!