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Cast Biographies

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On this page I'm including links to bio's of the cast & crew of Men in Trees. (Hopefully the links work.)
You pick out who you want to read about, click on the name, and voila' you're transported to the TV Guide page that will have their bio.
You also get to see ONE pic of Marin, Jack, and Cash.  There are more pics of each of these characters on their own page, as well as on the Marin & Jack and Marin & Cash pages. Enjoy!
In addition, I've posted an except about Anne Heche & James Tupper, as well as one about James Tupper, too, but Scott Elrod's bio is on his page, errr. Cash's page.


Anne Heche (Marin Frist)
(Click for bio on Anne Heche - thanx to TV Guide)

Knew you'd wanna see a pic of CASH on this page, too.  There'll be more pics of Cash on the Marin & Cash photo page, as well as Cash's own photo page.  Please don't drool on your monitor screen!!!



Men in Trees Cast - Thanx to TV Guide for providing a link to the cast members - so just click on a name, and get the bio of that person.  While you're on that site, you can check other info about the show. These are in no particular order.

I've also added other people who take care of Men in Trees, such as the writers, directors, other important people, and (recurring) guests.
       Men in Trees Writers Credits:


James Tupper (Jack Slattery)

James Tupper

Brought to you by TV Guide.


James Tupper Says He 'Adores' Anne Heche By Alexis Chiu

Originally posted Thursday March 08, 2007 07:55 AM EST

"Men in Trees hunk James Tupper's off-screen romance with costar Anne Heche didn't start until they were both single, he tells PEOPLE.

"The line," he says, "was never crossed."

Instead, the actor – who earned the on-set nickname "McTreemy" because of his heartthrob status among viewers – says he and Heche "really trusted each other almost right from the beginning" and leaned on each other as their respective marriages were coming to an end...."

To read the rest of the story, click on the link above.


An Interview with James Tupper (Jack, Men in Trees)
Oct. 2007    By Rachel Thomas, from
McDreamy, McSteamy and now McTreemy -- modern day culture has adopted these cute names given to the hunky men of ABC's Grey's Anatomy and Men in Trees and we just can't seem to stop creating those McPhrases.

From his days spent immersing himself in African culture to working with wild animals on the set of
Men in Trees, James Tupper is clearly a man who believes in living life to the fullest. I had the fortunate opportunity to chat with the very funny and incredibly sweet actor about life before acting, life on the set of his hit series and where the show is headed in the coming months.
Read the rest of the article at above link.

   Men in Trees (recurring) Guest Cast: