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Jack and Marin

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This page has photos of Jack & Marin together ONLY. There is now a separate Jack page and a separate Marin page, however, if you've any others, please send me an e-mail so I can include them on the site.
I've also included an article about James Tupper & Anne Heche and a Haiku from Charms59.



It's not a new-new article, yet it is something I thought you might wanna read about Anne Heche & James Tupper.
The full article can be found at,,20014325,00.htm...
James Tupper Says He 'Adores' Anne Heche  By Alexis Chiu
Originally posted Thursday March 08, 2007 07:55 AM EST
Men in Trees hunk James Tupper's off-screen romance with costar Anne Heche didn't start until they were both single, he tells PEOPLE.
"The line," he says, "was never crossed."
Instead, the actor – who earned the on-set nickname "McTreemy" because of his heartthrob status among viewers – says he and Heche "really trusted each other almost right from the beginning" and leaned on each other as their respective marriages were coming to an end.
click on above link to read the rest of the article.




 An Ode to Jack & Marin by Charms59 on 12/29/07

Sitting by the river
waiting for the moment
the Otters begin their mating
for them it was a kind of torment
Sharing a passion
so close to the heart
comfort in talking and being
never wondering where to start
The struggle to remain as friends
when every part of them fights that battle
wanting to reach out and touch
to snuggle up and settle
into each other's arms
where it is safe and warm
having to return home to someone else
the heart is breaking and torn
The chemistry can't be denied
despite what words they say
like magnets they collide
to then be pulled apart and pray
For the next time they meet
a smile to light their eyes
the love that grows unconsciously
but hidden among the lies
of pretending to love another
when true love's no longer there
For Jack there's only Marin
They are the perfect pair.




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