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Games, mostly Trivia

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No site would be complete w/o a game or two. So that's what we're going to do on this page. There'll be a trivia and/or photos for our weekly contest.  They'll be posted every Sunday, late evening. You will have until Wednesday MIDNIGHT (CST) to submit your answers to me through e-mail. The winners will get their name in BOLD print posted on the WINNER's page for FOUR days using their USER ID and first name for all the world to see.  Good luck!  PS. When this page becomes full of trivia questions/answers, the trivias will be moved to an archive-type page and we'll start on a fresh page here. I may sometimes REPEAT an already-asked question....

These are the answers to the 4th week's trivia - I guess they were harder than the others cuz only 2 people opted to try them. (thank you) - winners will be posted on the WINNERS page.

1. When the power went off, what was the name of the team that they were all waiting to see on satellite? _Seattle Seahawks_ .
2. What was Jerome reading to Mary Alice - list the Author _Soren Kierkegaard_ and the name of the chapter _The Sickness Unto Death_. (1/2 point each)
3. Annie's full name is _Elizabeth Ann_ O'Donnell. (1/2 point for each correct part)
4. The Chieftain sign says what? _Hotel_ and _Pub_ .(1/2 point each)
5. The sister city that dropped Elmo is _Pakuma    .
6. Which TWO men became Jack's new dads when Franklin Cook died? Buzz_ and _Jerome_ . (1/2 point each)
7. How old was Franklin when he died? _89_ .
8. What other old man died in Elmo? (multiple choice)
                  [ ] Crabbe   [x ] Crabber  [ ] Clobber   [ ] Crabs
9. What kind of latte did Marin talk about in her speech?  She used it in her speech in NY as well as Elmo. _soy_
10. What is Graham's last name?  McCarthy (FYI: Middle initial is L)
11.  What drink did Marin order when she first came to Elmo? _Vodka Negroni_ .
When Ben said he didn't have all the ingredients to make it, what did she have instead _Vodka straight_  and how many did she have before she gave the speech to Elmo's men? _4_  (1/3 point each)
(FYI: A Vodka Negroni consists of compari, triple sec, and vodka.)
12. Rather than tell men that she was a relationship coach, Marin would tell them she was a _computer technician_ until they wanted her to fix _the hard drive_.
13. Who said "the odds are good, but the goods are odd?" _Theresa_ And to whom? _Marin_ and where were they? _the Chieftain_  . (1/3 point each)
14.  While lying in bed next to Graham (after the booksigning), Marin was thinking of _single(s) men for her friends, Kiki & Jane_ instead of counting sheep.  She blurted out a name saying he would be good for Jane/Kiki. What was that name? _Jim Friedman_ (1/2 point each)
15. What is Kiki's last name? _Irving_  .

Answers for Trivia #3 are posted here:

OK, here is the trivia for Feb. 11 through 13th:
1- Marin has a sister, Liza, who's referred to as New Baby.. she was born when Marin was how old?         [ ]2  [x]3  [ ]4   [ ]5 
2- What makes a terrace in Elmo? If you have a what? If you have a tree house.
3- Chief Celia's husband's first name was?  Hal
4- How many times do Buzz & Patrick sneeze? 7_
5- What is Sara's ex's name? _Jeff_
6- What is Matty's full (first) name?  Matthew_
7- What song did Jewel sing in Menaissance?  Good Day_
8- Ben was going to visit his sister, who lives (where) _in Seattle, instead of doing the Orphan Thanksgiving, but changed his mind because of who/what? Because he didn't want Theresa to be alone for T'giving . (This is a two-parter, but counts as one question - if u get one answer correct, you will get 1/2  point.)
Last two questions are photos that are on the Who/What/Where page.
9 - What's in the box? _dove (that was on Marin's windowsill, when she returned to NY)_
10 - Who's/What's following Marin? It may not look like and it may have been too obvious, but it's (supposed to be) Rocky, the raccoon.


Marin said this to whom or what and where? "The city had disoriented her and she needed to get home."
    1 - Who was she saying it to?  _Jane (about the dove, who landed on her window) when she returned to NY_ 
    2 - Where was this said?  in NY in her apartment
"Does a bear crap where he wants?"
    3 - Who said this? __Cash___ 
    4 - To whom? __Marin
From the rummage sale, what did Stuart buy Marin? 
    5 It was a/n __old manual typewriter__  
   6  And what was broken on it?  _the period key did not work
There was a raccoon in Marin's closet during the first few episodes. We all know on the show his name was Rocky.  
    7 Rocky, the raccoon's real name is Elvis

    8 Rocky (raccoon) had a double (another animal), which was a     _dog (terrier)_ and its name was 9_Boomer
 10 - Who said, "She'll have a whiskey?" _lady passenger on plane_ (this
person was referring to Marin (hint)) _ 
"They are all over like a bad rash." 
   11 Who said this? _Marin (to Jane, while in the Chieftain)_ 
   12 And about what? _the MEN in Elmo__ 
13  What is Scott Elrod's favorite candy? _Reese's peanut butter cups_ 
14 What is the name of the first plow guy that Jane met? __Dave_  In the last trivia we talked about Scott Elrod's dog, so this time I want to know if you know about James Tupper's dog.  15 What type dog does he have? _great dane/golden retriever mix_ 16 What was Theresa's *stage* name? _Wendy_

The other 4 questions are on the Who Is It? page - they're photos.  On Photos page17 Whose legs are these? _Marin's18 A three-parter: a) Who is this _Sam_  b) Where is this _on Sam's boat_  c) What is this person doing? _getting a facial___ 19 Who is this? _none other than OUR very own Jenny Bicks_ 20 Who is Marin kissing? _Stuart Maxson, her publisher


FIRST contest (for week of 1/28): take the words MEN IN TREES and see how many 3-letter or more words you can find. Since there is an *S* in this phrase, you cannot use any plurals, other than the word TREES, which I'm sure you'll wanna use (and yes, you can still use TREE in the singular form. I found almost 40 words, so the FIRST person who gets close to 40, or even more wins.... 
SECOND is TRIVIA about Men in Trees -- First one w/as many correct answers is the winner. 
1 & 2. Scott Elrod has a dog _Yellow lab_ (what breed) and his name is _Harley Davidson_.
3. Anne Heche's (real-life) son's name is _Homer .
4. Chief Celia's last name is _Hisbut_ .
5. What kind of bracelet did Jack give Marin? _geoduck (pronounced gooey duck) .
6. From the pie that Patrick made for Thanksgiving Day, how many pieces was cut from the pie?  (Multiple choice) -
Pick one -  [ ] 2   [ ] 3     [X ] 4     [ ] 5     [ ] 6     [ ] 7     [ ] 8 
7. Who (from Q6) did NOT get a piece of pie?   Annie_
8. Cash's last name in the show (NO, the answer is not Elrod) _Morrisey.
9 & 10. Who said this and to whom? "She's like the snow after a long winter; she's like this force that just wakes you up." 
Who said it? _Jack__
To Whom? _Cash__
11. Marin received a refund for 1/2 the deposit from her wedding dress. The check was for what amount? (Whoever comes closest to the amount is the winner!)   _$13,078.00_
12.  What special ingredient was Marin looking for to make her *special* stew? _wild garlic .

Part I - These questions relate to the episodes from Season II & the last one from Season I - good luck :)
1. What color is the scarf _White_ that Marin gives to Jack before he gets back on the plane, as he's leaving for the _Bering_ Sea (1/2 point each answer).  
2. What does the license plate say on Marin's truck? _XL-1326_
3. Eric is a _Lutheran_ minister. (religion)
4. Celia's house number is _1019  ?
5. When Jack was making the video for the otters it was for the _Bangkok  Zoo. The one for the pandas was for the _Anchorage  Zoo. (1/2 point each)
6. What is the name of Annie & Patrick's goldfish? _Leroy_
7. Annie's brother's profession is a _stockbroker .
8. What is the name of the LaMaze instructor for which Lynn & Jack were attending classes? _Derek_
9. What is the color of Cash's tent? [] red   [] blue [x] green  [] grey
10. How many years have Mai & Buzz been married? [] 8  [] 9  [x] 10  [] 11

Part II - These questions are related to the fansite itself:
1. On which page will you find the TIME & DATE? _Under construction_
2. On which page will you find the COUNTER? _MIT Photostamps
3. Two people share a birthday on August 4th - name them! (1/2 point each) _Lauren Tom aka Mai_ and _James Slattery aka Jack_
4. How many photos on the Words from Cast page? _6_
5. On the Men in Trees (recurring) Guest Cast - whose name is last? _Justine Bateman aka Lynn_
6. And on which page is it on? (from above question) _Cast bio's_

Part III: Photos
5 photos can be found on the WHO IS THIS page.... Figure out who they are and then let me know. They count ONE point each.
1. Your web mommy, Sydney      
2. back of Michael Tiernan           
3. Theresa     
4. Kelli Williams, aka Julia  
5. Ever Caradine aka Liz

Winner will be announced later this afternoon - gotta keep this person on pins and needles a little bit longer (smile) - there were THREE people who entered the trivia this time.... but at least these three got to see MY pic, too.... what a prize, heh?  Prizes will be set up later, too!  ThAnK yOu to all who entered!