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Contacts to ABC, Me, & the Guest book

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On this page you will find contact info to ME & ABC, as well as the guest book.


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Information on how to contact ABC:

If you would like to express to the powers that be at ABC that you would enjoy more of this show, or would like them to know how much you love or hate any of their daytime and prime time series, specials, movies, and sports, contact them at:
ABC, Inc.
500 S. Buena Vista Street
Burbank, CA 91521-4551
Phone number: (818) 460-7477

Email Audience Relations at
At the ABC web site, you'll find video clips, games, message boards, and contests.

How to Contact the Television Networks

Additional Information:
Why snail mail over email?
Even in this day and age of technology, the networks still put more stock in a snail mailed letter over email. Snail mail is easier to count, there are no chances of some malicious computer virus and the networks know that it takes much more effort to send a letter.

A note on etiquette: Whether you're writing to complain/praise a show or attempting to save a series from cancellation, be passionate, but always show some respect. Remember, you can catch more bees with honey than with vinegar!

Contacting a specific actor from a series: In addition to the line of c/o Series, add the actor's name after the name of the series.

Here's the link to send ME mail.  Looking forward to hearing from you.  Don't be a stranger!

This is my e-mail address:

More ABC contact info:

How to write to the stars

Very few shows and even fewer stars maintain a public email address. (Or at least an address they will admit to!) Consider how you would feel about tens of thousands of people sending you email, and just how upset you would be if you didn't get a prompt reply.

The facts of life are that you can rarely, if ever, send mail and expect a personal reply from anyone in a major starring role whether it is on television, radio or movies.

However, you can always send mail to the star in care of the production company that produces the show that the star appears in.

Photos and Autographs
Where can I send a letter to my favorite show or star or get an autograph?

For ABC programs you should write to the production company for the specific show. ABC does not have fan photos.


Continued from previous column:

Virtually all the production companies maintain a staff that reads and answers mail for the program and the stars. Some personalities expect that copies of all mail is sent to them, others will have copies of mail sent to their own staff and still others will only read mail that someone has deemed of special interest to the star.

So send your mail! Someone will always read it and, who knows, you may just get a personal answer from your favorite star!

For shows that are currently being broadcast on the ABC Television Network, ABC may be able to answer some questions.

You can email them at, call        818-460-7477 or write to:

ABC, Inc., Audience Information, 500 S. Buena Vista St., Burbank, CA 91521-4551.