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Words from the fans, fave episodes, etc.

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Here's the scoop, so to speak.... I've been hearing from some of you, and tho' I could put this on the Mailbag page, these are different sorts of comments, so I'm putting them here... I may eventually decide to combine them together but for now, this will be a new page.  I have been given permission from these people to post their comments.

A Geo Greeting- click below:

I hope this works.. it's a GeoGreeting... I received it from Lori and cut/pasted the link, so here goes.... it's really something so cool, I just had to share it w/everyone:
After it loads, then put your mouse on the letter, and it will show you where that letter is located (on the map).
I printed it out and like I said, it's just so cool - I couldn't get over it!


On Jan 31st, Specialedcaregiver said:
I still think the scene that made me laugh hardest was when Celia was trying to explain to Dick that their age difference might matter. She said "when you're 50 I'll be...(whispering something inaudible), when you're 60 I'll be...(whispering something inaudible again), and when you're 70 I'll be...uh....DEAD". I swear, I literally laughed so hard that I almost fell out of my rocking chair! 

My favorite episode is the one where Sara had to go to court over Matty. It humanized her for me and she became my favorite character, and I especially loved how she finally gave in to her emotions and let her ex have Matty for 2 weeks. And there were so many other really good scenes in that one with every character. Just a spectacular episode.
From Lynnette G:
Favorite Scene or Line. My top favs: 1. Jack washing Marin's hair, and 2. "just puttin' it out there in the universe."


From the 1/28 trivia game, one of the questions was "What is Cash's last name in the show?" (No, the answer is not Elrod) - Tracy replied: Hotstuff - saying she couldn't remember - tho' she had heard it.

A few interesting and funny things to share w/you from this past week's Trivia....
This was from Q7-9, whereas I wanted to know @ Rocky, the raccoon, who was in the first few episodes, what was his real name? It is (7) Elvis.  And because "Elvis" is a nocturnal animal, during the daylight scenes, he had a double, which was a (8) (terrier) dog named (9) Boomer. They dressed Boomer in a raccoon costume. Funny thing is Boomer thought that Elvis was his double.  Everyone missed the #9 part of the question.
The cutest answer (IMHO) was for #16 (What was Theresa's stage name?) One person answered Harold! Of course, the real answer was "Wendy."
All four missed #11 - The question was: Who said, "They are all over like a rash." Two answered Jerome, and the other two didn't know, but it was really MARIN, saying it to Jane about the MEN in the bar (They were in the Chieftain.).

News from f r i s t fan 
 Jan 15, 2008
Here's the latest from my friend:
It seems that the latest airdate and show info posted is correct.     We'll get to see Charity Case and the rest of the new eps starting Wednesday, Feb. 27th at a new time.   So we will be getting new episodes of MIT well into and through the spring.   YES!!!!     (And from what she tells me, the new episodes are well worth waiting for, FYI!!)
But, it is also true that there will not be any repeats aired until then.   I was not given a reason, my friend isn't privy to the "why" of the whole thing.  I don't know.  I am not even going to try to figure it all out anymore.  I am just going to write my letters, make my calls, and let them know that I want to see some MIT repeats in the interim!!  
Good luck Jenny and good luck to the MIT team.  We are looking forward to those new eps.  We are gonna fight for our show in the meantime!!!    

On Feb. 1, 2008, MITCAFan says:

How about during fishing scene while Jack has his arm wrapped around Marin showing her how to fiy fish and they've just decided to "be friends" -
Marin says "I just want to tell you as a friend, that you are really good in bed."
Jack says "You too, now shut up you are scaring the fish."