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Cash - a page all his own

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It's Cash's, errrr Scott Elrod's birthday February 10 (1975) -- so send him a card!!!! And don't forget to send him a Valentine's Day card, too!!

You can send the cards to: ABC, Attn: Mr. Scott Elrod, 2300 Riverside Dr., Burbank, CA 91506

Here is your CASH only photo page!
As his character Cash, he is shirtless a lot of the time, and we don't mind in the least, but I'm also showing him fully-clothed on this site, as he's also seen in his real-life persona Scott Elrod, too.
His bio is at the bottom of the page, so hope you enjoy learning more about him. 


This is from the episode where Terry is donating a kidney to Cash. Yay to Terry!!!!


This pic was taken from the episode CHARITY CASE



Above: A shirtless Cash for you to drool on.... thank goodness it'll be on your monitor, not mine! lol

Yes, this is a pic of Cash & Marin kissing - Yes, it's on a page that's just supposed to have pics of Cash, but I couldn't resist putting it up here as well as on the Cash & Marin page.... so just deal w/it and enjoy it!!!! I know I will!!!


Here's a profile of Scott Elrod, aka Cash, on the ABC Television Network's "MEN IN TREES"
Scott Elrod plays Cash, Elmo’s free-spirited construction worker who lives in a tent and becomes a “temporary” roomie of Marin Frist. Elrod, with his pool blue, “Paul Newman” eyes, is thrilled to have been added to this stellar cast of dedicated professionals and considers it “the best acting school possible.”
Elrod, who has guest-starred on “Days of Our Lives” and “CSI: NY,” also appeared on “Desire” for Fox’s My Network TV, which he described as a great learning experience.
For Elrod, who was born in Germany but mostly raised in Parker, Colorado -- after stints in the Philippines and other military stops -- acting has been on his mind since seeing Tom Cruise in “Top Gun.” His father, a retired Top Gun pilot himself, actually flew an A-4 in the movie, and his step-dad is a soon-to-be-retired F-16 Air Force pilot. Elrod says, “Mom liked the fly boys, so I thought I was destined to be one.”
While attending high school in Parker, Elrod played baseball, ran track and excelled in math and science, but was generally a bored student. He always had an entrepreneurial spirit and held several jobs, from delivering pizzas to laying the runways at Denver International Airport and modeling for local fashion retailers and print campaigns. When not working, he could be found on the track racing motorcycles.
As expected by friends and family, he joined the Air Force after graduation, trained for his pilot’s license and became an air traffic controller. He had hopes of going on to fly F-16s, but realized he wanted more than what the military had to offer.
Turning to his entrepreneurial skills and modeling experience, Elrod and his best friend started a marketing company that became quite successful. During the same period he also tested his sales abilities, eventually landing the responsibility of vice president of Sales for a technology company. But Elrod says, “Sales just wasn’t cutting it.” It was at that point the “Top Gun” acting “thing” resurfaced and he knew he owed it to himself to give it a try.
Elrod relocated to Los Angeles three years ago and enrolled in every acting class that would accept him, studying six days a week. It obviously paid off.
His recreational interests include flying, snowboarding, racing cars and motorcycles. He keeps in shape by kickboxing and lifting weights five to six days a week. In his spare time, Elrod hangs out with his yellow lab, named Harley Davidson.
PERSONAL INFORMATION: HOMETOWN Bitburg, Germany           





Above picture: The dog in this photo is from a
pet fashion show/benefit.  Scott does have
a dog, but it's a lab named Harley Davidson.
Don't you wish you were this lucky pup?
I know I do - :)



Above picture: Need help finding the soap, Cash?


Above photo: You gotta admire a man who looks gorgeous (IMHO) in a suit as well as in a pink shirt! Not every man can wear pink & get away with it! BIG SMILE :)

Another excerpt from the Men of Men in Trees (April 2007) article is about Cash.
Cash (Scott Elrod) – Local roving handyman and resident sexy loner, Cash lends more than just a helping hand to Marin’s house
reconstruction project.
He is a relaxed nature loving boy who is comfortable making do with what life throws his way.
While he could be easily dismissed at face value as being a lazy drifter, aside from being handy with a tool belt he also has a grounded honest opinion which he is often willing to share.
Cash brings the perfect chilled-out balance to weigh against Marin’s overly analytical and sometimes uptight nature.